Monday, March 5, 2012

Housetraining a Gremlin

For the first two weeks of having Ferdinand, he was doing great of having very few accidents when we weren't home and having no accidents when we were home.  But last Thursday and Friday he was downright awful.  I came home at lunch to let him out, earlier than normal and he had a huge accident.  He was awful the entire time I was home and then peed on the floor again after I took him out.  I came home from work a few hours later and he not only peed again, but he rolled in it.  I put him in the tub while I cleaned up his mess and then bathed him, which he loved.  After drying him off, he went into the kitchen and shit on the floor.  I could have killed him.

Friday was very similar, only no rolling in his own pee and no shitting on the floor.  However, that night, I went to bed at around 10:30pm and I let Ferd come sleep with me in the bed.  When Derek came to bed, he didn't put Ferd in his bed, which was fine because he had no problems sleeping with us before, other than one time falling off the bed.  3:30am rolled around and I wake up with the feeling of a wet bed and a dog eating my hair.  I woke up and dropped the biggest F-bomb ever.  Derek said Ferd woke him up, but he didn't take him out.  I didn't know who I was more angry with.  The dog who practically peed on me or my husband for letting it happen.  Luckily, we had a "pet" mattress protector on our Sleep Number bed and it didn't go through to the mattress part.

The next day, Ferdinand was back to normal and he's been normal since.  He lets us know when he has to go, hasn't had any accidents and his biting or "teething" has lessened.  When he's awake, he does this mini-bark thing but sounds more like a Gremlin.  It's hilarious.

Here is a video of him making the Gremlin sound.  Mind you, I am not hurting him.  In fact, I'm hardly touching him.  And it's funny because he makes this noise and acts like I'm killing him, yet he comes over and sleeps on his back on my lap.  He's gotta love it


He's been getting along with Dexter and Doakes so much better.  He chases them around and I think they love it.  They even all take naps together....well, in the same room.

They start off watching him sleep with his frog.

Ferdinand decided to move to the cats bed that's on the floor.  So, they just stayed up there.  It would have been smarter if one of them would have slept in his bed.  haha

Ferdinand tends to chase Dexter the most.  She will get right up to him and he will head-butt her or nip at her tail.  If she walks by and he ignores her, she makes sure she does something to get his attention.  Although they get along, there are times where she doesn't want anything to do with him.  She always keeps an eye on him.

All in all, although he's had some set backs, he seems to be doing well with the house training.  

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  1. Don't worry about the bad behavior in the car. I got Thunder this thing like a lead that clips into the seat belt buckle and it holds him close and he's calmed down sooo much now.