Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hunting Season is Exhausting

Hunting season came up on Derek and I really quickly this year.  Before, we would normally just grab a bag and head to my parents the night before hunting.  This year is quite different.  Having two dogs means you can't leave them at home over the weekend, like we do with the cats.  So, we pack them a bag and we head in to Greensburg to get ready for hunting.  This means they get to a have a fun weekend with my parent's dog, Lily.

Ferd loves visiting my parent's house, probably because he loves sleeping on my dad's favorite chair.

Ferd loves to lay under the dining room table like this.  But where did his balls go?

Although they have tons of fun at my parents, Ferdinand and Roxy will sleep for the next 3 days.  So much excitement really drains them.

It also drains me.

When I woke up that day with Ferd like this.

And I wonder why I wake up with headaches.

After this picture was taken, this is what he decided to do.

He suffocates me while he sleeps.

Ferd is a bad snorer.  Enough said.

This is on my head.

Although Ferdinand and Roxy sleep a lot after an exciting weekend with Lily, sometimes they have enough energy to do some playing in the yard.

They love to play tug-of-war with the rubber frisbee.

Who is going to win the tug-of-war game?

They go from tug-of-war to playing chase.

While Ferdinand and Roxy played on this particular day, Ferdinand decided he was going to try and chew on a large, 3-foot long, stick.  I don't generally let the dogs do this because I worry it will get stuck in their throats.  As I went to take the stick from Ferdinand, he decided to turn and try to run away from me.  He turned and the one side of the large stick slammed into the ground, while the end he had in his mouth jammed into his mouth.  He immediately let go of the stick, leaving it stuck in the ground.  He took a few steps and then spit up blood.  

I was very concerned that he punctured his throat or there was a piece lodged in his throat.  I opened his mouth and tried to see where the bleeding was coming from, but I couldn't find it.  So, I called the vet and they asked to see him immediately.  

I took Ferdinand into the vet and they said they wanted to put him under to scope down his throat.  I was very nervous, especially because I had to wait an hour until I could see him again.  

While I waited, a beautiful English Mastiff, named Otis, came in.  He was only 3-years-old.  The last time he was there he weighed 167 pounds.  This time, he weighed 180!!!!

Otis' owner was well over 6'3'', so you can see how tall Otis actually is.

I think that will be my next dog!

Finally, it was time to see Ferdinand.  I almost cried when he came out.  I was happy to hear that they found nothing in his throat and no damage to him.  The blood was caused by the stick cutting the vein under his tongue.  Luckily, it wasn't anything major and he is fine.  

When he came home, he had a purple bandage over his anesthesia injection site.

I think Ferdinand was grateful that I made sure he was okay.

He gave me kisses because he was so grateful.

Don't get me wrong, he was sad that he had to be put under for a while, and so was I!

They warned us he would be very tired.  He was definitely a sleepy-bug.

After the excitement of going to the vet, we had another exciting weekend to go to Greensburg for hunting.  As always, after we brought the dogs home, they have been exhausted.  

He is sleepy.  He almost fell asleep standing up.

Who says the Lowchen is the only good foot warmer?

They woke up long enough to be sad that Derek wouldn't take them to the grocery store with him.

"Please, take me with you."

The holidays are coming up quickly.  We will be dressing the dogs and cats up for the Christmas cards. Will you be dressing your animals up?

If you are, send us some cute Christmas Pictures of your pets and we will put them on the next blog!  Send them to


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updates for Ferdinand's Blog

The dogs loved playing at Mingo Park.  They were exhausted.  Sadly, we didn't get any pictures at the park.  

Roxy was exhausted after going to Mingo Park

Ferdinand and Roxy love car rides

This is self-explanatory.  

Ferdinand dropped his ball in the bathtub.  He can get in and out on his own, but he'd prefer to cry and wait for me to get it....Not gonna happen.

Ferdinand loves to sit on the couch and fall asleep sitting up.

Before he could fall asleep, I did some photoshopping.  He is an English Bulldog!  "Hello, Govna!"

And he's out.

Doakes loves hiding out in her new comfy carrier.

He loves sleeping...especially like this.


Just another snoring video

Ferd is mad that I won't let him sit on my lap

Ferdinand is upset that the ball he was playing with is under the couch

I gave the ball back to Ferdinand and he lost it under the couch again.  What a jerk.

I used to bowl as a kid.  I loved it.  At my parents house, they never got rid of my bowling balls, Ferdinand found them and now that is his favorite thing to play with when he goes to see my parents.

Ferdinand found my old bowling ball.  It will entertain him for hours.

He pushes it all around my parents house.

Just to show how obsessed Ferdinand is with the bowling ball

Ferdinand loves the fall time.  So does Roxy.  They get insane and must known that winter is coming.  

Ferdinand loves playing in the leaves

"Oh, well, hey there."

I don't have any kids, and obviously have too much time on my hands, so I went out and got a couple different costumes for the dogs and the cats.  I wasn't sure how they would feel about wearing the costumes.  They LOVED it!

This was the first year that we did pumpkins for Halloween.  Ferdinand really wanted to help out.

Derek's first Jack-o-Lantern ever

My Jack-o-Lantern

Ferd loves the way pumpkins taste

All lit up.

Our friends, Adam and Jenna came down to have dinner with us and they got to meet the pups.

Roxy loved being near Jenna.  I think Adam was a bit jealous.

Ferd decided he was going to entertain himself by sucking on his bed.

Roxy and Ferd love to wrestle.  It's always on our bed.  This is the look I get before I try to break it up.

Dressing Ferd up in one of his Halloween costumes.  He's a frog.

Roxy got to be a bumble bee!

Checking each other out.

Making adjustments to his costume.

More pics of them with their costumes on 

They love them!

The frog got hungry

Me and the dogs

Close up of the frog

Derek and the dogs with their Halloween costumes.

We also tried to dress Ferd up like Batman.

Batman and Robin

Roxy is a great Robin

We even dressed up for a hot second.

We also dressed the cats up.  Dexter was a cow.

Doakes was a lion.

For Halloween, we handed out candy with the dogs.  Ferdinand decided he wanted to be a hot dog.

They were ready to hand candy out to the trick-or-treaters.

Look at the cute hot dog butt.

Roxy likes to wear her antenna.

Roxy's anticipation has built up to hand candy out to the kids.

The dogs were absolutely exhausted after trick-or-treating

Roxy didn't even want to come to bed because she was so tired.

Ferd was just as tired.  This was the first time that we actually got to sleep in our bed without the dogs.  We should have Halloween all year round.  

I put candy corn in my mouth and it looked like Ferd's teeth.  He was like, "WTF?"

Trying to show our "teeth" off.

We originally found out about our breeder, Lynn Resor, from Derek's twitter friend, Jim Britt.  Jim and Erin, his fiance, got their bulldog, Zamboni, from Lynn.  After Derek tweeted about us wanting a bulldog, they told us to go with Lynn.  After getting Ferdinand, we kept saying that we needed to get together so the brothers could meet.  Finally, after almost a year, the boys got to meet.

Ferd was so excited to see Zamboni, he wanted to drive!

The brothers meet and take off to play in the park.

You can tell they are related, they are both the center of attention.

Ferd loves the dog park.

Zamboni and Roxy got along better than Ferdinand and Zamboni did.

For Roxy being generally leery of lots of dogs, she really loved the dog park.

Ferd and Zamboni going face to face.

Ferd wanted to hump Zamboni.  Zamboni wanted to eat Ferd's face.  

Can you tell that they are brothers?  Can you believe that Ferdinand is the younger almost a year!!!!

Zamboni and his mommy, Erin!

We would love to have another meet-up with them.  Derek and I had a ton of fun, and, of course, so did Ferdinand and Roxy.

I have gotten awful migraines since I was in about 3rd grade.  I have been to neurologists and migraine specialists and they are still working to find a solution to my migraines.  The medicine they give me knocks me out and nothing works better than the love of the dogs.  The dogs cuddled with me all day long.

I woke up from my migraine-drug-induced nap and this is the look I got.  Ferdinand was really trying to make sure I was okay.

Although I was suffering from my migraine, both Roxy and Ferd made me smile when they were watching the kids come home from school.

They are the new neighborhood watch, making sure the kids get home safely from the bus stop.

See that small amount of space on the left of the picture?  That's where I sleep.  My husband steals the covers and the dogs hog the king-sized bed.  No wonder I get migraines.  Look at how they sleep.  haha

The rest of these pictures are either what I've found on my phone or on Derek's phone.

This picture is one of my favorites, and it's too bad it's kind of blurry.  When Ferd is tired, he loves to sit with me like this.

When Derek and I go out to run errands, we love taking the dogs with us.  This is how they always end up, even if we are only gone for a minute.  Ferdinand looks like a little, old lady in the driver's seat.

Ferd doesn't always like how much time I spend on Facebook.  He literally closed the computer 3 seconds after this picture was taken.  He wanted mother/son time.

When we ride in the car, sometimes this is how Ferd likes to ride.  He is insane.

Ferd is sadly being hit with allergies.  He ended up with a bacterial infection in his ear, as well as a yeast infection.  I was told by the vet that this is common among bulldogs, especially during allergy season.  The vet gave us cream to put in his ear and pills for him to take.  He also has some acne, and the meds have helped take care of that.  This video is because he saw the vet, and she walked out.  He loves the vet and was sad that she left him.  

This is the look I get when I have a delicious Swiss Roll and cup of coffee.  He wants it...too bad he isn't getting it.

We have a tough time getting balls that last in our house.  Ferdinand and Roxy destroy most toys within minutes of us bringing them home.  The Jolly Ball seems to be the best toy that we could have gotten them.


Derek and Roxy love Ferdinand's Blog.  Do you?