Friday, March 16, 2012

Ferdinand Visits Point Breeze Veterinary!

Today was Ferdinand's visit to the Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic in Pittsburgh, PA.  On the way to the vet, Ferdinand was a monster.  He normally sits in his box with his frog and bone like a nice dog, not today.  He wanted to only bite me, the arm rest and try to eat his box.  He was just awful.  

When we got to the vets office, it was a typical Pittsburgh atmosphere -- no grass, just sidewalk.  Ferdinand had no idea what to do or where to go the bathroom at.  After a 50 minute car trip, I figured he had to go, but as he reluctantly walked down the sidewalk, he had no motivation to go pee.

When we walked into the vet we were greeted by Tank, the vet's bulldog.  He came running at us and Ferdinand freaked out.  He tried to back out of the door and peed a little.  Everyone was laughing.  They rangled Tank back into the back room and I took Ferd outside to try and pee.  Of course, he didn't want to go at all.  I will say this, Tank is huge, but so adorable.  We came back in and everyone was so welcoming.  The receptionists each came over to play with and hold Ferdinand.  They loved him.  All of the vets and vet tech also came out saying how adorable he was and that they had been waiting for him.  Their waiting room was large and open, and we didn't have to wait long to be seen by a vet.

When the vet tech took us in the room to start the exam I couldn't listen very well because Ferd was biting at my feet.  She opened another door which led to the common area for the vets and the vet came in and picked him up and just scooped him out of the room.  He looked like he was in love with her.  After the vet tech and I talked a bit about having a puppy the vet brought Ferd back in.  The vet did the exam and was so wonderful and caring.  She spent a lot of time checking his ears, eyes and butt.  They made him so comfortable by bringing out a rope toy to play with.  He took his medicine easily and he didn't even notice getting his shots.

After Ferdinand finished with his check-up they let him go back to the common room to get his picture taken for his file.  They also let Tank in.  Tank came bolting over to me and almost took me out.  Here is a few pictures of him and Ferd greeting each other.

Here is a video of their meeting

Tank was so well behaved and was so gentle with Ferdinand that Ferdinand quickly stopped being a scardey-cat.

As a matter of fact, when Tank was being told to sit and stay, Ferdinand would circle him trying to taunt him and get Tank to chase him.  Here is a video of that.

Tank was a very good example of the training that Point Breeze offers on Sundays.  I definitely think that we will be taking Ferdinand there for his puppy training.

The vet said Ferdinand will get pretty big.  Here's a picture of Ferd sitting next to Tank.  Tank is about 55 pounds and 2 years old.  Ferdinand is 9 weeks and 14 pounds.

Just recently, my parents were visiting and Ferdinand started humping for the first time.  Well, when Ferd was playing with Tank, he started air humping him.  The vet informed me that was Ferdinand's way of asserting dominance.

All in all, it was the best vet experience that I've ever had.  Ferdinand seemed to fit right in with them.  I can't thank them enough for being a wonderful vet experience.  If anyone would like to go to them, here's their website.

The couple who recommended us to Lynn, the breeder, recommended us to this vet.  Although the vet is a drive away, it was well worth it.  So, thank you Erin Warner and Jim Britt, and of course, Zamboni, for the recommendation.  Speaking of Zamboni, today is his birthday.  So Ferdinand wanted to wish him a very Happy 1st Birthday!

My Grandmother got Derek and I these chair as a late Christmas present.  She had them custom made by a guy she knows.  It is made for kids, but since we don't have "real" kids yet, we figure it would be good for our furry kids.  It also came with a matching Pittsburgh Penguins footrest.  

Ferdinand will be going back to the vet in 3 weeks for his next round of shots.  He can't wait to go back and see Tank and the wonderful vets again.


  1. I could not get the viedo to work! Lynn
    All 3 left, just went to the vet. today all are perfect every thing where it should be! All 3 were over 10 lbs. 10 wks. tomorrow

  2. Yep the videos aren't working.
    What is the puppy school like?? When I took Thunder to puppy to school, it was more of socialising the dogs, and now we can walk passed other dogs and he just ignores them, it's great.

  3. I'm working on fixing the videos now. I will send out an update alert once they are fixed. I haven't taken Ferdinand to the puppy school yet. They said it's 4 Sunday for a few hours each Sunday. They said it's a socialization and training class. We will definitely be taking Ferdinand there to see how it works out. Tank was so well behaved, I'd be dumb to not teach Ferd like that

  4. Yeah for sure, even so you have piece of mind that he's not going to flip out and go chasing some other dog.
    And its pretty rewarding when your puppy listens and does what you ask, like the sit, stay, drop, roll over etc.

  5. Mary Rae,

    I came across your blog researching Vets in the Pittsburgh area. My husband and I recently relocated here from So Cal and brought our precious bully along. She had a phenomenal vet in CA who treated rescued bullies from the So Cal Bulldog Rescue Group. Unfortunately, when we got back here she had to have entropian surgery done. I chose a vet who several family members and friends use and claimed to have expereince with the breed and the procedure. I was hesitant because I know the importance of an expereinced vet, but her little eye was so inflamed and irritated and she had surgery 4 times before. I had no idea I wouldn't bring my baby home that night. When I arrived to pick her up the tech who was responsible for her post op brought her out to be discharged. She was in respiratory distress and cyanotic. When I freaked out the tech actually told me that was normal. Long story short, the vet left the facility to eat and had to be called back. The tech who was monitoring her was not capable of identifying the issue .

    The vet told me he couldn't help her to take her to the hospital. It was too late. My pumkin was DOA. I am sick when I think of her...and anxious. Our home was so quiet without her snorts and grunts we went back to CA and got another bully. And now my vet search continues...

    I see your post's about your first visit to the Point Breeze facility and wanted to see how your experiences have been since then. Has Ferdinand had to have any surgery done? WOuld you recommend them? Is there a particular doctor you see? I would sincerely appreciate any feedback you could provide. They are such special dogs and I feel so responsible for the loss of my baby. I have spent countless hours doing on line research.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

    1. Hello,
      I'm so sorry for the delay. I got a new phone and didn't set up my gmail to send alerts to it yet.
      I first went to the Meadowlands Vet (in Washington, PA), and I would never recommend them...EVER. they were just awful to Ferdinand and to my cats.
      I do also have a Coonhound/Doberman mix and we take her, and my cats, to Brush Run Vet in McMurray, PA. The only reason I don't take Roxy and the cats to Point Breeze is because they are such a far drive for me. Brush Run is wonderful and have such nice doctors and technicians. They just didn't have tons of Bulldogs as patients. So, that's why I didn't take Ferd to them. But he has gone on Roxy's appointments and they loved having him there and even cut his nails for me for free when they did Roxy's.
      As for Point Breeze....I LOVE THEM! I've not had to have any surgeries for Ferdinand yet, but we have had some emergency visits.
      When Ferd was a few months old, he had, what I thought was a seizure, and they squeezed me in ASAP.
      Ferd started to show that his allergies were bugging him (having the nasty ear goop and acne) and they got me in right away and the medicine they gave me worked amazingly.
      Ferdinand decided to get a big stick and run in the yard with it, and punctured the inside of his mouth. I wasn't sure if there was anything stuck in his throat or where the bleeding was from, so I took him in. They got me in ASAP, I think they stayed open for me. (I live about 45 minutes from the vet) They checked him out and did an x-ray. He was fine, but I was in such distress. They treated him like the baby he is and took such good care of him.
      Every single time we go there, he loves it. He prances in there like he owns the place. He also looks for the vet's bulldog, Tank.
      They are wonderful people, they listen to you, they are always there with your dog and explain everything that is being done. I very much recommend them. I have dealt with Dr. Caroline Simard, and she is just wonderful. She doesn't just get to it (unless it's an emergency), she spends time playing with the dog and kissing the dog, just making you and the dog feel comfortable.
      I hope this helps...they are wonderful people and a wonderful vet service.