Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Some Sleepy Pictures

So, since the last post was a lot of writing and not a lot of pictures, I figured I would just post some of the pictures I have taken of Ferdinand over the last week.  Funny they are all of him sleeping.  

Derek's friend, and Co-Owner of, Adam came over and I snapped this picture of them snuggling up together.

Before Derek could come into bed every night, that's where Ferdinand decides he is going to sleep.

Then, when Derek comes into bed, look at who he curls up with.

Believe me when I say, this isn't even his loud snoring.

This is what happens when I sit on the couch.  Never fails.

We placed the cat's bed under the tv.  Now that bed has become Ferdinand's second bed and the cat toys hanging from the drawers are now his.  Notice how he isn't even sleeping in the bed.  He started there but somehow ended up right next to it.

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  1. Cool!!!! Hope you got my comments from my dumb, smart phone, on his eye, and how to stud!!!!! Do not have the hang of this, Lynn