Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ferdinand's First Month with us!

We decided that we were going to take a picture of Ferdinand once a month to track the progress of his growth and at some point, we will put the pictures into a video to see how quickly and how much he has grown.

Here are his front view and side view:

Things have been going very good with housetraining Ferdinand.  He lets us know when he needs to go out by going to the door and grabbing one of our shoes or barking.  Hopefully, someday soon, we will do my mom's trick of tying a bell to a string so he can hit it with his head or paw when he needs to go out, but since he likes to play with the cats toys that hang from the doorknobs or from the drawers of our tv stand, it may not work.  

He has also taken a liking to playing outside and just watching the neighborhood.  He loves the sunlight and loves to watch the robins that are nesting in our front tree.  

Because he has been teething a lot and likes to use our feet or pant legs, we read in the book, "Bulldogs for Dummies" that we could give him a raw carrot to chew on.  He loves them, but at first wasn't sure what it was.  Here is a video of him figuring out what to do with it.

Here is a random video of Derek teasing Ferdinand.

We've been letting Ferdinand sleep with us at night and he has been doing pretty good about it.  Every once in a while, he decides that he just can't get comfy.  This is the result.

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