Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ferdinand's first day at HOME!

We were warned that Ferdinand might cry through the night and have a tough time sleeping or even have an accident.  We did not have that problem at all!  He didn't cry one time!  We took his bed into our room and set it at the foot of our bed.  He had already been asleep so that transition was easy.  As I laid in bed, I watched Dexter ease her way up to him and start to reach her paw out to touch him, then she'd bring it back.  She'd reach her paw out again further, then bring it back.  Finally, she scooted her butt closer and barley touched him, then took off running. She spent most of the night watching him.  Doakes on the other hand, hates Ferdinand.  She won't even come upstairs to get her food.  We figure that when she gets hungry she will come up.  

My parents decided they were going to stop up to check out Ferdinand and pick Gabby up.  My parents had always wanted a bulldog but never got one.  After Daisy had died, they waited a few years and got Lily.

That's Lily like a year ago.

Anyways, they didn't bring her up cause she is pretty huge and can get rowdy and we didn't want Ferdinand to be overwhelmed.  

Here's the pics of my mom and dad getting to hang out with Ferdinand.

Dad loves giving him kisses.

He just fell asleep on Dad like that.

My mom didn't want to let him go!

Throughout the day, Ferdinand found his way to my lap.
I guess he loves sleeping like this.

This is face.  He loves sleeping upside down.

He spent the entire day playing, eating and sleeping.  What a life?!?!

So, all in all, Ferdinand has had a ton of fun meeting people.  He gets a huge kick out of seeing new people, smelling new people and falling asleep wherever he can.

Hopefully, the cats will warm up to him and potty training keeps going well.  So far, no accidents yet!

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