Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ferdinand is HOME!

So, we were told that we could bring Ferdinand home when he reached 5 pounds.  After waiting for weeks for him, Lynn messaged me on Facebook to say that she was taking him to the doctor on Friday, February 17, to get him his shots and we could pick him up Saturday, February 18!  Derek and I couldn't believe that the time was now.

We left our house at 11:00 am to get to Lynn's by 1:00 pm.  Lynn lives in Cambridge, Ohio.  We live in Finleyville, Pennsylvania.  It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there.  And the last 5 miles seemed to be the longest. 

When we got to Lynn's house we were so excited.  We just wanted to get Ferdinand right then and there.  Luckily, Lynn made us do the paper work that needed done and went over the information that she had in a Puppy Folder.  If she wouldn't have done that first, we probably wouldn't have heard anything she said because we were so excited for Ferdinand.  

The last thing we had to do before getting Ferdinand was to pay Lynn.  Her original charge was $1900 (for the males, females were $2000).  We had put a deposit of $300 previously, so we paid her the remaining $1600 and went down to get Ferd.  

Before we could even get to the pups, we were greeted and had to give some love to Vito (his dad), Kali (his mom), and Chrissy (Kali's mom).

Close up of Vito

Vito and Kali were happy to see us.

He was in with all his brothers and sisters.  They were all sleeping on top of each other and as soon as we opened the door, they were all ready to play.  Here's a picture of a few of his brothers and sisters.

They all wanted us to pick them up and play with them, but it was hard to focus on so much cuteness.  We just wanted to focus on Ferdinand.

Lynn took Ferdinand out and he had gotten so much bigger than what we had expected.  She wanted to weigh him and clip his toenails before we took him home.  Here's a picture of him being weighed.  6 pounds 15 ounces....he might weigh a bit more, but he didn't really want to squeeze his rolls into the container.

After the weigh in and nail clipping, he was ours.  Here are a bunch of pictures we took after he became, our, Ferdinand Rocco.

He was talking to his Daddy!

He's Daddy's little man!

Mommy is holding him while he's getting his nails clipped.

Getting a good view of Ferdinand.

Ferdinand and Mommy!

A new addition to the Rocco Family!

Taking his final bathroom break before the long trip home!

Checking out his spotting.

He's checking under the steps...looking for trouble.

After his bathroom break, we got in the car and went on our merry way.  I was worried he wouldn't do well in the car or that we would need to stop a lot on the way to let him pee.  We didn't stop once.  He made it the whole way from Cambridge to Washington, PA without being a problem at all.  Here are some pictures from the car trip.

We thought we would bring something from home to make him feel comfortable for the car ride.  He LOVED his frog!

He loves chewing on the frogs eye!

He is just a little king with his Aunt Gabby.

He is just a relaxed fool.

He's showing off his chin.

He's chewing on Gabby's fingers.

Look at those looks!

I think Gabby enjoys Ferdinand and Ferdinand enjoys Gabby.

He was out cold. 

He was sooo sleepy.

He slept like this for about 45 minutes.

How is that comfortable?

He finally tired out on his favorite frog.

We let him pee and poop at the little grassy area in front of the store and he pooped twice and peed. 
We stopped at PetSmart to get some toys and Ferdinand was welcomed with open arms by Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and "Craigslist" dogs.  

We also stopped at Tractor Farm Supply to get him the Diamond Puppy food.  We didn't want to give him anything else that had corn or soy in it because the English Bulldogs get itchy skin easily.  

When we got him home for the first time, we walked him around the yard to get used to the smells and so he could go the bathroom.

  Ferdinand didn't want to go the bathroom, but we think it could have been because the grass was so cold.

We tried to get him to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes and he didn't go until almost 10:00pm.  

This was Ferdinand at the end of the night!


  1. he is toooooo cute !!! love the one of him getting weighed.

  2. It was funny trying to get him squeezed in that