Monday, April 29, 2013

Just Adding to the Cuteness!

Let's just get rolling with the cuteness...
Thanks for coming back to the Blog!
The look I get when I am eating an ice cream sandwich
Recently, as my pregnancy has gone on and on, Ferdinand hasn't had the same attention from me that he used to have.  He had finally had enough and forced himself up on my lap for (most likely) one final hug.
Not too long after that picture was taken, the weather started fluctuating (as Pittsburgh weather does) from beautiful to Arctic temperatures.  When this happens, Ferdinand gets "zitty."  Meaning, he gets zits on his face, which the vet says is just his allergies.  Well, he got one on his foot, but I wasn't sure, at the time, if it was a zit or a tumor.
So, I decided it was best to take him to the vet. 

He loves the car and the vet.  He was so excited driving through the Squirrel Hills and seeing all the people out on the street.
Once we got to the vet, we confirmed that it was basically a major zit from his allergies and with steroids and antibiotics, it would clear up.  In about 2 days, it was gone.  She said Bulldogs are just proned to having zits and yucky ears during their allergy season.
He didn't particularly care for his one set of pills, I believe the steroids, they smelled awful to me and they could be opened, so I learned to open them and dump the powder on his food to make him eat it.  He looked like a coke-fiend after each pill.
This wasn't even when it was bad.
While I was at the vet, I asked about his paws.  He has this skin that folds up, I call it his webbing.  You can vaguely see it on the picture of his bump, between his last toes on the right.  I asked why it does that, the vet said it's because his feet are made to hold more weight.  She said, he could gain about another 30 pounds!
Ferdinand weighs 80 pounds already and is considered to have a waist line and be healthy. There is no way he will ever be a 110 pound dog. FORGET IT! The vet suggested that we don't let him get that big...he's perfect the way he is. Thank God!
What a tough life these two have.
During one of those random snows, Ferdinand decided he was going to look for the long stick I had put on the picnic table the fall before that.

He said, "The best place to eat is at the table."
Ferdinand is just helping me make the guest bed.

I think that he thinks that I did a good job.
Ferdinand and Roxy have been doing an excellent job of not having accidents while we are gone for work.  One day in particular, I was gone for about 2 hours longer than normal.  I took them out and Ferdinand literally peed for 3 minutes.  He was so low to the ground that he was practically laying down while peeing.
He didn't move the entire time.  Look at the concentration on his face.
We keep the cats water dish up higher so Ferd can't chug all the water, he does not seem to care that it's meant for the cats.  He just gets right up there and chugs away.
Enjoying a trip in the car to go see Joey the dog!
After an all day play session

You know Ferdinand is tired when he sleeps like this.
More of them being exhausted
Random picture of Dexter
Can you find Derek?  Obviously, he didn't know this was the dog's couch.
We went to my friend's party this past weekend in Virginia.  They call it, "The McCarthy Bash."  Last year, we brought Ferdinand with us, but this year, we just thought it would be too much, so they got to hang with Auntie Danielle.
We were happy to hang out with Stout, but missed our puppies.
We thought Stout might come snuggle with us, but he just teased us with a goodnight kiss
Even with us gone, he still thinks he is a lap dog!
Auntie Danielle said they were having a good time...she wasn't kidding.  Look at those smiles!
We were so happy to get home to our "kids." 

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