Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gearing Up For Field Hockey Season

For those who don't know, I coach high school field hockey for Peters Township.  The season has come up really quickly and there has been a lot that needs to be done before the season could even start.  With that being said, Ferdinand thought he would try to help me out.

While my assistant and I were trying to finalize the tryout schedule, Ferdinand was goofing around and making it very hard to work.

Basically, I was cooking dinner before Danielle came over, and she was using the apron to keep Ferdinand from slobbering on her legs.  We then dressed Ferdinand up.  Thanks to "Thunder" for sending us this apron!

A couple days later, Derek had decided he was going to go to a concert with his friend, Tim.  Before he could leave, Ferdinand really wanted to get his picture taken with his Daddy.

Ferdinand really wanted to try the shirt on, but Derek wasn't having it.

Ferdinand, Roxy and I relaxed while Derek went to the Wilco concert.  

Ferdinand spent the day snoozing on the couch.

Roxy spent the day sleeping like a cat.

Roxy also decided that this would be a comfortable way to spend her afternoon.

As the week went on, and my time at home was getting ready to basically vanish until November, I thought I would spend as much time torturing playing with my animals as I could.

This is one game that we found Ferdinand loves!

This is a little game called, "Mom's going to stomp her feet until Ferdinand runs away with his toy."

Ferdinand and Roxy love each other a lot.  They are practically inseparable.

As you can see, they love each other a ton.

But as much as Ferdinand and Roxy love to snuggle with each other, they love to play games.  One game they love to play is called "Let's battle and see who falls down the hill in our back yard first."

Often times, they battle and they battle hard.  Roxy will grab a hold of Ferdinand's neck skin and try to drag him down the hill.  This game is a bit rough and sometimes each dog is left with some battle wounds.  They never are trying to hurt each other, but as my mom used to tell me when I would play hard with my sisters, "This can only end in tears."

This would be one of the patches where Roxy played a little too hard.  Luckily, Ferdinand is totally cool with it and let us clean it and put some Neosporin on it.

It never fails, every time I go into the bathroom, whether it is for me to use the toilet or to take a shower, or brush my teeth, Ferdinand is always trying to follow me in there.  He will sit in front of wherever I am, just like a statue, and not move until I am ready to leave.

I went to go use the bathroom and closed the door before Ferdinand could make his way in.  I guess I didn't close it the fully because Ferdinand busted through, and sat in front of me, giving me this look.

I'm not sure if he was mad at me since I closed the door on him, or he wanted his teeth brushed.

Ferdinand loves getting a bath.  He loves it so much that when I'm in the shower, he will put his face in the shower and sit there trying to catch the mist.  There was one day recently where we couldn't find Ferdinand and all we could hear was his gremlin-cry.  I walked into the bathroom to find this.

It's good to know that he can get in by himself, which will make it easier when it comes time for me to wash him.

Bad news is, he got stuck trying to get out.  But it made for a great picture.

After letting Ferdinand try to get out, and seeing that he couldn't, I scooped him out.

He was so exhausted after his struggle, that once he got out, he went into the sunroom and fell right to sleep.

As field hockey season was approaching, Danielle was coming over more and more to help me prepare for the season.  Each time she would come over, the dogs would get more and more excited.  And it didn't matter if I had just cut their nails (using the Pedi Paws) or not.  They would still scratch the crap out of your legs and arms.

The Pedi Paws is great for the dogs.  The only thing I suggest doing, taking the orange cover off of the Pedi Paw and doing their nails.  I think it's too hard to put their nails in that hole.  I end up with nail dust on me, but it isn't a big deal.  I have never tried it on the cats, but the cats also just let me clip their nails without any fight.

I know that we should be teaching the dogs not to jump, and we are trying to (because it's mostly Roxy doing the jumping), but it's a slow process.   Anyways, I got sick of being clawed to death, and I remember how I had purchased Kitty Caps for the cats when we first got them.

Kitty Caps are plastic caps that you glue on your cat's nails so they don't scratch.  I only used these on my cats for a while, and finally they learned to not scratch the furniture.

Dexter is really happy that she doesn't have to wear the Kitty Caps anymore.

Anyways, I thought that this would be a genius thing for the dogs!  I googled it and there weren't any at Petsmart.  I called a local animal supply place and they had something similar to them but I had to wait until they next shipment came in, which was a few weeks away.  As I kept googling, I came across a website for Soft Claws.

It is basically the same thing as the Kitty Caps, but for dogs.  Roxy just let me do it.  She didn't seem to mind it at all.

I got her the Pink Glitter Nails.  I bought her the XL size, I think next time I'll get the XXL size.

Roxy showing off her nails.

She didn't seem to mind them, but slowly over a week, she has chewed them off.  But they definitely were worth the money, and once I cut her nails back down today, they are going back on.  There is nothing worse than getting her dagger-like nails against your face or leg when we are playing.

When you order them, you get 40 at a time, and I only put them on her front feet.

I debated getting some for Ferdinand, but didn't want him to look unmanly.  I think next time I make an order, I'm going to order him clear or black ones.

After putting them on Roxy, Ferdinand was a little mad that I didn't pamper him like I did for her.  When I put the remaining nails away, I came back into the sunroom to this.

What a bad boy for standing on the glass table!  He's lucky his fat ass didn't go right through!

After I got him off the table we went and sat on the couch.  I was petting him and this is the look he was giving Derek and I.

What a jerk.  haha

Speaking of things for their feet, Ferdinand's pads have always gotten dry and cracked.  After talking to my mom, she suggested I use Bag Balm.  Originally, Bag Balm was used for cows after they are milked so that their utters don't get chapped.

Here is all 4 sides of the Bag Balm:

We got the Bag Balm at Tractor Supply, but I've also seen them sold at Walgreens.

I'm not sure why, but after I do Ferdinand's feet, he always wants to take a nap.  Here's a little video of that lovely snooze he takes on me.

Have you ever seen a cuter sleeper?

We all know how cute sleeping animals are.  Here are a few pictures and videos of how cute my dogs are when they sleep.

Roxy loves being held.  And she loves sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking positions.

My dogs are even cuter when it is bedtime and they steal my husband's side of the bed.

Derek has to race to bed or else this is what happens.

Sometimes, Roxy even gets to tucked in to Derek's side.

Sometimes, when I'm working from home, Ferdinand will come into my office and try to hang out with me.  He will generally fall asleep next to my chair.  

He's such a cow.

Sometimes, he falls asleep with his face in between my legs while I'm sitting there working.

How can he possibly sleep like this?

Like I said before, I coach high school field hockey.  We had a scrimmage last week, and Derek was driving Danielle and I to the school to drop us off.  Before we decided to leave, Ferdinand wanted to show his Peters Township support.

Go Indians!

We decided that we would bring the dogs with us.  Let me just say how excited they were for the car trip and to see Danielle.

Ferdinand thought he would drive me to the high school.

Danielle and Roxy are besties.

Ferdinand decided that he was going to ride to the high school on the center console of the car.

When we got to the high school, I had to get some things out of my office, so we brought the dogs with us.

Ferdinand decided he was in charge and was going to make up the schedule for who was playing where for the scrimmage.

In my office, I have a shadow box with a small field hockey stick and a picture of the first field hockey team at Peters Township.  Inside of it, there is also half of a field hockey ball.  Ferdinand saw this and wanted that ball.

Going after the field hockey ball

We did well at the scrimmage and the puppies were very happy that I was back home.  We are going to try and bring the puppies to some games and they are going to be our mascots.

By the way, Ferdinand is a huge help with writing this blog.


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