Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ferdinand and Roxy try to get out of trouble

Life with Ferdinand and Roxy has been a crazy roller coaster.  We have been coming home to destruction.  The things that are being destroyed are things that are put up and away.  So, we figure Roxy is freaking out that we have left and she is climbing up on the counters, kitchen table, and in the windows and taking everything down to Ferd's level.

We've now had mail destroyed, magnets from the fridge, bags of buns (that were in the bread box), 3 picture frames, candles, pill bottles and 3 pairs of sunglasses (that were in my purse, hung up and put away).  It's not like we leave things out, someone has to be searching for something to destroy.

If it wasn't for Roxy being tall and agile, Ferdinand wouldn't get into half the trouble that he gets into.  

When I get pissed, and yell at the dogs, Roxy normally curls up on the couch and goes immediately to sleep.  On this particular day, Ferdinand and Roxy had destroyed a ton of stuff, including a citronella candle.  Needless to say, I lost it.  After spending time cleaning up the huge mess, this is what I came out to.

Apparently, Ferdinand is playing the role of the protective big brother.

No matter how much trouble they get themselves into, and how mad we get, at bedtime, it's a whole different story.

No wonder our chests hurt in the morning.  We have a 55 pound dog laying on us all night. 

Even if we go to bed mad at the pups, it's super hard to stay mad at them in the morning when they greet us and each other like this:

Those eyes just make me melt.

Seriously, how am I supposed to be mad at a face that looks like that?

As gross as this is, it's kind of cute.

When they aren't being destructive or getting into trouble,  they are being cute.

How would you like to be greeted by these two faces every single day?

Ferdinand and Roxy love the summer weather.  They love being outside and they love just laying in the sun.

My little sun babies

They love going on big walks and being outside with their buddy, Chloe.

They love to battle, as most siblings do.  They don't care what time it is, they love having massive battles.  Normally, before bed, the dogs battle hardcore.  Here are some of their battles.

They start outside...

This is where it always ends.

As much as they love battling, they love when people come to visit.

When we were out celebrating Derek's Dad's birthday, Adam came over.  Luckily, he had a key to get in and let the dogs out.  He said he had to chase Roxy around before she'd let him leash her up and take her out.  Once we got home, she was in love with him.

You can only see Roxy's eye, but she wanted to be right there with Adam...and of course, so did Ferdinand.

As much as they love Adam, they love sitting with their Daddy even more.

There is nothing like the love of your pets.

Do you think Ferdinand and Roxy will love you as much as they love Adam and Derek?  Come over and find out!


  1. Omg now you see why I recommend crates! Love you guys, Lynn has ferd. Had any other problems? In 32 + yrs, I have had hot spots on 2 and an ear infection, total flip out for me. Now I can't say I have had no skin or ear problems! :( . What a bad summer for me! Again it is me...Lynn

  2. It's funny because Ferdinand doesn't really need one. If Roxy wouldn't get the stuff for him, he wouldn't be a part of it. haha We are testing one other option before going to the crates. Derek is very reluctant to do so, but I see it as no other option. When she got the razor blade out of the bathroom and they were both chewing the blades off, I hit the roof. Thank goodness, none were eaten and no tongues were cut.

    It's been a very hot summer, so I can see where the skin could get irritated.

    Send us some pics of the puppy you kept from Ferd's litter. We'd love to see how big she's gotten.

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