Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's been 2 months?

It has been about 2 months since we have last posted!  It's hard to believe that it's been that long.  Don't worry, Derek and I haven't killed the dogs, although, there has been plenty of enough times where we have wanted to murder them because they have driven us crazy.

Field hockey season has consumed my life and I just haven't had time to sit down and write.  With that being said, it's the night before a game and I'm really not going to write much.  I'm just going to throw up the pictures I've collected and caption them.  So, enjoy!

The look he gives me when I catch him getting into the Christmas presents.  Yes, I buy Christmas presents super early.

Their looks should say it all.  They got caught getting into my work papers.  In my house, "The dog ate my homework" is a real excuse.

The two of them relaxing on Derek...not caring if it's comfortable for him or not.

After a bit, Roxy didn't feel like Ferd hogging Derek, so she came to sit with me!

Ferdinand and Roxy love my Assistant, Danielle.  We call her "Auntie Danielle."  Often times, it just gets the dogs attention or stop acting crazy for a minute.  During this video, it shows how it makes them go crazy because they love her.

In our king-sized bed, where do I sleep?

There I am!!!  Under the 2 dogs!  Luckily, the cats have been staying in the spare room.  

Before it got too cold, Ferdinand, Roxy and Chloe got to have one last pool party of the summer.

By next year, they are all going to be too big to all fit in the pool at the same time!

Chloe normally plays with Roxy, but on this occasion, she happened to catch Ferdinand off guard and tackled him from behind.  He was quite surprised to say the least.

Doing a general once over on the dogs, like we do, we found out that Roxy has a double tooth!  It doesn't seem to bother her at all.

As I was inputting stats in for my field hockey team, this is how Ferdinand felt he would help me.  What a freaking help he is.  

A close up of his face as he was "helping" me input stats on the computer.

Just hanging out on a lazy Sunday.

Riding in to Greensburg for a nice visit.

Somehow he thought this would be comfortable for the majority of the ride.

He was rocking out, Greensburg style.

He's a rock star!

He's a soccer player!

He was so restless riding home, this is the only way he would be good in the car.  Yes, this is generally how he rides in the car.  What a monster!  But he loves riding like this!

This is how the entire next day went for Ferdinand...

And for Roxy.

When it's too quiet in our house, you know someone is getting into trouble.  Ferdinand loves the garbage bags that smell like Febreeze.

Between our house and the neighbors, we have gone through about 8,000 tennis balls.

Derek loves getting the dogs jammed up.  

Sometimes sharing the bed with the dogs isn't so bad.

I walk in and this is what I see.  Real nice.

30 minutes later...they are asleep again.

Sometimes, they sleep with Derek.

Sometimes the best toys are the cheapest ones...water bottles.

Roxy was a sleepybug!

"Oh, hi, Mom."

There is this new invention in the Rocco household called the Roxy pillow.  It looks and feels like a real Coonhound/Doberman mix dog.  Other dogs love laying on it and think it the most comfortable thing in the world!

Here's a close up of the Roxy pillow.

We had about 30 turkey that decided to walk through our yard...Ferdinand and Roxy did not like it at all.  

Ferdinand and Roxy's reaction to the turkey in the yard.

What happens when I try to work from home.

Baby face?

He loves his mommy!

What a big baby!

Lily in the van on the way to our house anticipating a day of play.

After a long day of playing with Lily, he was so tired.

That look that says, "Get off your ass, and take us outside to play!"

Again, when things get quiet in our house, there is trouble brewing.  Ferdinand has ruined the remote in our bedroom.  Look at how focused he still was at that point.

So, that was our life in the last two months.  Sorry about the delay in posting.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos.  Hopefully, I will have more up soon!

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