Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Was Ferd Up To Last Month?

Today, it came to my attention that it's been almost a full month since my last post.  

There hasn't been a whole lot going on for us, so I'm just gonna post the pictures I've collected over the last month.  


We went to visit my parents and Ferdinand and Roxy enjoy themselves every time they go there.

Ferdinand and Roxy were battling over a stick.  Lily was less than interested

Roxy and Lily gang up on Ferdinand while playing

Ferdinand loves when his Aunt Gabby comes over.

Here are some pictures of Ferdinand and Roxy being sleepy.

Ferdinand is relaxing with his main dad

Roxy loves hiding her face

Ferdinand loves Roxy so much that he sleeps right on top of her, while they both lay in my lap

Mr. Wrinkles

When Ferd is snoring really loud, his tongue sticks out

This is what happens when Derek goes to bed before me.  The dogs curl up with their Daddy

This is what happens when I go to bed before Derek and Roxy.  I'm a heavy sleeper...I had no idea.  Guess he loves his Mommy.

Our neighbors Matt and Jen got a puppy not too long ago.  Her name is Chloe and she is a Goldendoodle.  Both Roxy and Ferd love her and their goal is to wait for her to come outside so that they can go out and play with her.  

Generally, Roxy and Chloe play, while Ferd just hangs out with his buddy, Matt.

This was the first day that Roxy, Ferdinand and Chloe actually played together. 

Roxy is just taking a break from playing with Chloe

Chloe is striking a pose

One night, Chloe went up on Matt & Jen's porch swing.  Ferdinand figured out how to push her back and forth.  Too bad it was super dark and we caught it on video at the very end of them doing it.  Maybe I can get more later.

Insert your own caption here.  Classic picture

Since the weather has gotten so warm, so quickly, I decided that it might be a good idea to get the dogs a swimming pool.  I was looking for the small, hard, plastic pools, but couldn't find any.  I ended up getting a pool that was soft.  The sides are too high for them.  Luckily, Matt and Jen found a small plastic one and Ferdinand loves it!

This was as I was filling the pool up.  Roxy did not like the pool.  Ferdinand at least tested the waters for a while

Ferdinand enjoys the water, but had a really difficult time getting in and out of the pool.

For the 4th of July we decided to take the dogs to the Monongahela 4th of July Celebration.  There were a ton of vendors and tons of music.  Derek's dad and brother played with their bands at the festival.  A friend of Derek's family, Danielle Barbe, was headlining.  Here is a link to her website.

Ferdinand and Roxy were just as big of a hit as Danielle was.

Ferdinand was super excited to go to the festival.

This was Roxy while she was listening to the bands play.

Ferdinand loves hanging out the car window

When I work from home, Ferdinand and Roxy generally drive me crazy.  

Ferdinand thinks he's an office dog.

That's about it.  I promise I will be updating this more often!


  1. Do they sell those giant clam shells for kids to have sand pits in over there?

    They make a great doggy pool!

    1. They sell turtles. I thought about getting one! Just couldn't find any