Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ferdinand is a Big Brother!

A few weeks back, Derek and I had gone to Petsmart to get Ferdinand a collar.  While I was picking one out, he went searching for a new toy for Ferd.  Instead, he found a bunch of puppies that Pet Search was fostering and trying to adopt out.  There were about 10 puppies....only a few were black and tan (like a Rottweiler), the rest were all Red.  They told us that they thought they were Coonhound mixes....possibly a Rottweiler mix.  Derek and I had said that if we ever got another dog, it would be a girl.  

Well, we picked one dog up, and it just happened to be a Rottweiler colored female.  We were sold.

Here are the pictures from when we first met our little girl, who we named Roxy.

She was awake for about 30 seconds after I picked her up.

She was out cold

I'm not sure how this was comfortable, but she slept like this for a while.  Gotta love that tongue!

For the last two weeks, Derek and I have gone back and forth on whether or not we were ready for another dog.  We just got Ferdinand set on his routine and we weren't sure we were ready for it.  But every time we thought of how much fun they would have together, we just decided that it was the right thing.

We got a phone call on Friday saying that Roxy had gotten spayed on Thursday and was doing well.  They said we could pick her up on Sunday.  

This morning, we got the house cleaned up and took Ferdinand with us to get Roxy.

Ferdinand was already exhausted, and this is the only way that he would ride in the car today.  He just wanted to be with his daddy.

It was so warm out when we got to Petsmart, all Ferdinand wanted to do was hang out under the big tent that they had the puppies in.  While Derek got the information explained to him, they gave Roxy a set of shots and handed her over.  Derek took Roxy into Petsmart to get some things for her.  While I trailed behind with Ferdinand, we could hardly make it into the store.  Everyone loved Ferdinand.  They all stopped us to pet him and talk about how adorable he is.  

It was funny.  We finally made it in to the store where Derek was signing us up for Puppy Training Classes.  

Here is a few pictures of Roxy and Derek in Petsmart.

Ferdinand was helping Roxy pick out a collar.

Roxy was a little worried that the collar wouldn't match her eyes.  It does!

So, we finally got to the car and Ferdinand was a little hot and jealous.  This is how the car ride ended up.

Ferdinand just wanted to be cool by the AC and Roxy just wanted to sleep with her doggy.

Roxy slept hard in my arms.

We got home and I decided we were going to give her a bath.  She was covered in poop and pee from being with all her brothers and sisters.  We washed her 3 times before we got all of it out of her fur.  It was disgusting.  She was great in the tub though.

Ferdinand and Roxy have gotten along wonderfully so far.  All he wants to do is sit on her and all she wants to do is check the house out.  

We set their food up in the sun room and they both did great eating together.  Although they both didn't want their own food, they wanted to eat out of each other's bowls.

Ferd loved Roxy's bowls.

Roxy loved Ferd's bowls.

She is definitely a lover.

 She already loves her daddy.

Roxy has had a blast outside.  She runs around like a crazy person.  Ferdinand loves chasing after her and they have fun playing together.

Ferdinand and Roxy wrestling around.

Roxy just checking the yard out.

Roxy loves being home with us.

Roxy and Ferd were having fun sniffing each other out.

Here is a video of the two of them playing.

They love playing, but they always want to play right under me.

They told us that when we got Roxy that they had been crate training her.  Since they had told us that, my friend Cori asked if we had wanted her old crate.  We accepted it and Roxy really appreciates it!

She had no issues going right into the crate.

But she just wanted to sleep with Mommy.

So, far, I have two very sleepy puppies.  And I can only hope that they will continue to get along very well.  

I'll keep everyone updated!

Oh, and tomorrow is Ferdinand's 5 month birthday!  It's hard to believe he is that big already!

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  1. This is brilliant! I'm so excited you got a part Rottie! Haha and she's got her tail, just like Thundercat!!