Monday, June 11, 2012


Finally, we installed the Doggie Dooley System.  We decided the best place to put it was in the back yard.  We picked out the best place and started digging the hole.  

Derek and I busted our butts digging the hole.

After hours of digging, we finally dug it deep enough that we could fit the system in the hole.

After setting the system in the hole, we filled it back up.  

The directions said we should collect the poop up and put it in the container.  Then it said we should fill a pitcher of hot water with the digestive enzymes and pour it in the system.  After that, we were to fill it up to the brim with a hose.

We weren't sure how well it would work since our yard has a lot of clay in the ground, but it has worked wonderfully.  All we have to do is pick the poop up, put it in the container and then once a week, do the pitcher of hot water and digestive enzymes and fill it to the brim with water.  

The day after we dug this hole, we took Ferd and Roxy to my parent's house to help them plant the garden.  This was Roxy's first big car trip.  She did really well in the car and had so much fun with Ferdinand.

Ferd and Roxy loved the backseat.

Roxy loves her Aunt Gabby.

After a whole day of the dogs playing with Lily, they were exhausted.  

Ferdinand, Roxy and I were exhausted.

After we took a little nap, Ferd wasn't quite done napping, but Roxy was ready for a snack.  

And what better place to have that snack then on Ferdinand.  Haha

Ferd was really beat.

After catching up on some much needed rest, things got back to normal for us.  

Ferd and Roxy love relaxing in the sunroom.

Ferd and Roxy following me into the me that look that says, "Mom, how about throwing us some snacks!"

Ferd's been getting so much bigger and his jaw is sticking out super far.  

It is starting to stick out so much now that his lower teeth are catching his upper lip.  It's really funny.

Ever since we got Roxy, Derek has let her sleep in our bed.  I thought it was a bad idea, but he insisted that she could do it.  I said it wasn't fair to let only Roxy in our bed, we had to let Ferd in our bed too.  That was my mistake.  

This is how much space I have on my side of our king-sized bed.

Yeah, his nose was in my back.  And at that point, Derek wasn't even in the they didn't have a whole other side to sleep on.  Ridiculous.  

Derek's cousin Aimee came in with her 3 awesome daughters to visit.  They got to meet Ferdinand and Roxy.  The dogs loved having the girls here and so did we.

This was Gianna and Tessa trying to get Ferd to strike a pose.  He was not cooperating.

Not only did they get to hang out with Ferd and Roxy, we took them to the best pizza place around, Harry's Pizza, in McMurry, PA.  Afterwards, the girls wanted to put fake tattoos on.  Luckily, I had a ton of fake ones in my home office, so it turned into a tattoo night!

The girls had a blast tattooing each other and Derek!

Ferd wanted to be tattooed.  I considered it, but then thought about how hard that might be getting out of his belly fur.  

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  1. Wonderful to keep up with you all! What is up with Ferds eye? Lynn